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Sanaz Namdar
Seattle, Washington

Artist Statement

        Sanaz Namdar

I started my career in art when I was 5... like any other kid I just enjoyed drawing when I was little. My main subject for the drawings was a family and their adventures throughout different events and stages of life...A few years later I moved from drawing to making miniature statues of girls with colorful ball dresses, and started exhibiting my work in various charity events. I sold most of my miniature art work before I turned 16.

I realized my passion for abstract painting at the age of 24 and that was when I was drawn to the canvas for the first time! I have been enjoying discovering the power of colors since then...

I get inspired by random things around me that give me positive energy. I try to transfer these inspirations to the canvas by mixing colors and creating different textures, and forms. I love sharing this energy with people who enjoy abstract art.

As an artist I believe that a painting should not only reflect the mind and the mood of the artist but should also reflect the desire of its owner. Therefore, I paint for you with your ideas and choice of colors. If you are a red lover you deserve a piece of red art that is specifically made for you! Something that also surprises you as it will be unpredictable, but unique and tasteful.


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